The Journey of the Italian knife-sharpeners.

I am very pleased to announce that we are now taking orders for Uk and United States for the English translation of Patrick Grassi's book "On the edge of emigration: The Journey of the Italian knife-sharpeners" (originally published in Italian as "Sul Filo dell'Emigrazione").

The English translation is the full original book, including photographs, comprising 263 pages. This excellent translation, by American ex-patriot Frederick Von Gal, captures Patrick's work in standard daily English, conveying both the language and sensibility of the original. As is the case with the original, the translation is lush with interviews with some of the grinders and their families who worked in either the United States or Great Britain, photographs and documentation.

In the words of the translator: " What a surprise I had and kept having all through the book. Both Patrick Grassi's ability to depict the story and the real-life contents of this intricate modern saga turned out to be something unique, full of higher meaning, and sentimental importance."

1) Send an e-mail at: philly.jim@verizon.net with your complete name and address in the United States or Uk, including postal code, along with the number of books you would like to order. If an order is being made for more than one book (as presents) to be shipped to different addresses, please include the complete name and shipping address for each book. 
2) He will respond with a confirmation e-mail of your order, and the PayPal account to which you must send payment.. 
3) The books will be shipped priority mail with insurance.

4) THE COST per copy of the book: for US is $ 22.00, which includes priority shipping and insurance; for Uk is£ 20.00 which includes priority shipping and insurance, for EU is € 22.00which includes priority shipping and insurance (the different cost is about shipping cost because for US the book depart from Us instead for Uk and Eu depart from Italy)
5)  No books will be shipped without payment in advance and we are accepting payment only via PayPal

There is no limit to the number of copies per person.

With a limited run printing, don't miss this opportunity to have a copy of this excellent book.