Paul is one of the “young ones”, the generation born and grown in London. He is one of the few sons who kept the family business after having studied at college. Paul started to work for his grandfather in the historical grinder workshop of London.

After 10 years he decided to start his own business buying the “route” (the round of clients) of his uncle Bernardo, who wanted to retire and go back to Italy. Today his enterprise the Italcutlery has fourteen employees and a business of about 1,5 millions pounds per year; recently his son Sam also joined the family business. Paul works a lot, Monday to Saturday, and the only hobby he has besides work is playing golf.

He refurbished the family home in Italy where he used to go on vacation with his mother during his childhood. He loves to spend a few weeks every year in the Dolomites Valley (Italy) visiting his relatives and the old grinders that have return to their homeland. He enjoys trekking and eating polenta with cheese and wine, products that he loves as his Homeland.