Armo is an old knife grinder, he was born in Dolomites Valley (Italy) and he grew up in London. After sixty years of work, he is planning to retire and is therefore starting an evaluation of his personal and professional life. He is the founder of the London Grinders Association, which he still manages with passion in order to protect the industrial know-how within the little community of people from the Dolomites Valley.

Armo’s family is devoted to grinding for the last three generations but today he and his son work only a few days a week in the workshop beside the Victorian Villa where he lives. Armo sold many of his clients to other grinders because his son is not interested in carrying on the profession. Armo dedicates the remaining time he has to his grandchildren.

He is in love with his land of origin and each year spends the Summer in his house up in the mountains, meeting old friends and walking in the mountain. Before returning to London he usually goes to pay his respects to a monument of the “knife grinder” which stands at the entrance of the village, and which has been built also due to the contribution given by the London Grinders Association.